Signature Clubs International

Signature Clubs International

Signature Clubs International (SCI) owns, develops and manages premier private business clubs, most notably operating Capital Club across Dubai, Bahrain and Nairobi. All clubs are exclusively designed to meet the needs of those from the highest echelons of business, finance and government offices through a welcoming ambience, wide networking opportunities and exceptional guest service and entertainment.

SCI’s highly experienced management team lead detailed and thorough consultations with all members to ensure clubs reflect the cultural and lifestyle requirements of the community they operate within. All aspects are fully customised to locality which creates institutions that offer both relevance and uniqueness. SCI continues to respect the traditions and structure of business club development and has formed a prestigious Board of Governors and committees that guide the evolution of the brand and its associated operations.


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Through a detailed and high quality events programme SCI harnesses the power of idea exchange, global business partnerships and personal relationships. Its membership, by invitation only, translates into an impressive member set, discreet services and many exclusive benefits.

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SCI continues to source growth opportunities in business hubs and gateway cities throughout the Middle East and Africa. SCI seeks ventures with established, recognised, local partners to expand the Capital Club portfolio, build brand equity and bolster the company’s leading position within the market place.

Quick Info

Currently operating 3 Capital Clubs
Dubai opening: March 2008
Bahrain opening: June 2009
East Africa opening: December 2013

Total Members 2,880 +


201, North Tower
Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel:   +971 4 363 7266

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